Cease and desist order against ChessBase?

ChessBase for Android comes with Critter 1.6a.

Don’t they know that Astroboy, hobby lawyer and author of a well known Robbolito-modification likes to threaten with legal action, like in this posting adressed to Richard Vida, author of Critter:

“Dear Richard, I hope that you will do the smart thing and not release a new Critter version that includes elements obtained by RE of Houdini 3. If you prefer, we can send you an official “cease-and-desist” letter, just let me know your postal address by e-mail or in this forum.”

A nice answer would have been:

“Dear Robert, I hope you will do the smart thing and let me know your postal address in order that you can contemporary receive the charge of libel.”

I enjoy the imagination of a court case where Astroboy tries to proof that Critter includes elements obtained by hacking his Robbolito-modification. The next attestor would be the author of a Fruit-modification and he would claim that in fact he is the holder of the rights of the Robbolito-modification because it is a hacked version of his engine which is banned from official computerchess events because of a conspiracy. I guess they would all be commited to an institution…


Komodo MP is out!

Just in case you purchased Komodo 4 back in 2011, and you are not able to recall why: Maybe because you where told you will get the MP version for free. Now it is out. Go get it here!

Thanks to the Komodo team!

Schach der Großmeister

Unfortunately only in german:

“Schach der Großmeister” is a legendary german TV show where 2 Grandmasters played a live game commented by Vlastimil Hort and Helmut Pfleger. I found this now on youtube and watched some of them. It is also very interesting in matters of computerchess history. You can see Ossi Weiner commenting the games with help of Mephisto units and later Matthias Wüllenweber with help of Chessbase and Fritz, Gerd Isenberg with Isichess and Frederic Friedel.

If you have 42h of free time watch it here:

Appeal for Money

Dear visitors,

Computer Chess News is of course always willing to help programmers in trouble.

So please help Mr. D. Dailey and his team and buy Komodo CCT. It don’t matter if you bought Komodo 5.0, and there is of course no discount. Don’t wait for Komodo 5.1 which will be published, hmmm, soon. You can buy this seperately. And then you will finally get a MP version. That is a promise. Faithfully. If you are still not sure about Komodo CCT just imagine the feeling when you run a testmatch and Komodo CCT gets 10 points more out of 1000 games than Komodo 5.0. Wouldn’t that be great? So go on and buy Komodo CCT and never never never spend your money in dubious organisations like this: http://www.icrc.org/eng/

(If you find some irony in this article, just keep it)

Chess960 League A

ChessGUI / 8RR / 3min+2sec / Ponder off / 128MB / 4-men EGTB / 2,13GHz
  1. Critter 1.6a             111.5 / 120
  2. Stockfish 3              100.5 / 120
  3. IvanHoe 9.46h             95,5 / 120
  4. Chiron 1.5                86,0 / 120
  5. Shredder 12               75,5 / 120
  6. HIARCS 13.2               70,5 / 120
  7. Spike 1.4                 68,0 / 120
  8. Deep Sjeng WC 2008        55,0 / 120
  9. EXchess 7.02b             44.5 / 120
  10. Jonny 4.0                 40,0 / 120
  11. GNU Chess 5.5             40.0 / 120
  12. Fruit 2.3.1               39.5 / 120
  13. Tornado 4.88              37,0 / 120
  14. Bright 0.5c               36,0 / 120
  15. Frenzee 3.5.19            31,5 / 120
  16. Naum 2.2                  29.0 / 120