Gandalf 6

Probably the only commercial engine which will make it into my “Hall Of Fame”. Nearly all commercial engine developers  claim to have a “human like” chess engine. But what is “human like”? I’d say an engine which plays the same moves as a human. Some time ago I did some experiments and at the end I created a testsuit with 100 positions. All played by Bobby Fischer, and all commented as a (very) good move by himself. I only took positions where several moves are possible, maybe even better moves, no tactical traps, plain positional choices.

After testing some different methods with different positions (over 2000) I can say that always the same engines where on the top, so I think this test is a good method to find out which of the engines play a little like Bobby Fischer. I planned to create similar tests for other Players, but I wasn’t able to find good sources like Fischers 60 memorial games. So the “Fischer Test” will probably remain unique.

Gandalf 6 was the engine which found most of Fischer recommended moves, and it was also the engine which played most Fischer moves when I tested whole games.


69% matching moves is quite impressing. I know some guys who would now assume that Gandalf 6 is a clone of Bobby Fischer:)

Find some more Tests and the “Fischer Testsuite” here!

9 comments on “Gandalf 6

  1. Joe says:

    Good work Alex. Thank You. I would like to post Your Bobby Fischer Positions in my blog, if You allow me this?

    Keep up Your good work!

  2. Alex says:

    Hello Joe,
    great that some are interested in it. You can post it at your blog, let me know if you get new results!

  3. Silva says:

    The games of Vassily Smyslov from his book “125 selected games” would make a perfect test for positional play. The average of the Fischer and Smyslov tests would count as an human play test.

  4. carlos says:

    Great work always been a big fischer fan its a shame you can’t buy Gandalf 6 anymore would love to give it a try. Have you had a try with anmon 5.75 nice style engine

    • Alex says:

      Thanks. I tried AnMon today and it had 59% matching moves. I think I will test some new engines in the next time:)

      • Carlos says:

        Yeah some new engines would be great its a nice test to use. Ktulu 9 is one of my fav engines it might not be rybka level but still great. Kepp up the good work dude.

  5. Eddie says:

    Great blog! Thank you for the work. How much time did you the chess engine to figure out the correct move?

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